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The deed of inheritance or also known as deed of acceptance of inheritance and partition of the inheritance, is the legal act through which the assets of the person who has died becomes part of the heirs. In said deed of inheritance, the distribution is defined and the allocation of the assets takes place.
Provide us the death certificate of the deceased and we will help you.


The partition of the inheritance is the distribution of the assets of the deceased among the heirs in proportion to the share that corresponds to each of them. The partition must be done once it has been accredited with the will or with the declaration of heirs, who are the people with the right to the inheritance.

It must be borne in mind that the inheritance is made up of both the property and rights of the deceased as well as his debts and these are transmitted to the heirs in the same way as the assets. Therefore, in the partition, the debts of the deceased must also be inventoried and allocated.


An intestate heir is that person (or persons) who, as there is no heir named in the will, is so as established by law. To be named as intestate heir, it is necessary to formalize a declaration file at the notary according to the relationship with the deceased.


It is an essential document in any succession.

Through the Certificate of Last Wills you will be able to know if the deceased person has made a will or not. The knowledge of this fact is necessary to begin the processing of an inheritance.



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