¿Qué documentación debemos llevar a la notaría a la hora de vender un piso?

¿Qué documentación debemos llevar a la notaría a la hora de vender un piso?

The last step to sell an apartment occurs on the day of signing the purchase of the new property at the notary’s office. At this time, the seller must present all the documentation related to the home before a notary.

Now, we are going to tell you what is the necessary documentation that as sellers we have to take to a notary so that the signing of the property’s transfer can be carried out in a legal, agile and effective way.

Whenever, as sellers of a property, one we have found a person who makes a firm purchase offer that we have accepted, it will be necessary to draw up a deposit contract or a housing reservation contract which reflects the conditions of both parties.

Once you have reached this point, you will have to take the following documentation to the notary’s office to close the sale.

– The first thing we need to present at the notary is our property deed. It is the document which proves that we are the owners of the house and, therefore, we are able to sell it.

In addition, we will have to provide other documents to show that we are up to date with all payment obligations.

– The first of them is the last receipt of the Real Estate Tax (IBI). The amount of this municipal tax will depend on the cadastral value of the property.

– We must also provide the certificate of being up to date with the expenses of the neighbors’ community. This document can be provided to us by the administrator of our community and it will certify that we are up to date with the expenses of the community.

  • In turn, we must request a certificate of outstanding debts with daily interest from the bank.

– Other documentation to be presented at the notary’s office on the day of signing is the energy efficiency certificate, a mandatory certificate according to Royal Decree 235/2013.

– Finally, we will also have to present our ID and that of the vendors.

All documentation must be available and duly updated.

At the time of signing, the notary will request all proof of payment of the sale, since these must be reflected in the deeds.

Lastly, one of the recommendations is that on the day of signing the contract should be taken from private to public, so there will be more legal support in the event of any incident.